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Carrie: Mom, it’s not raining!

Me: No sweetie, not today.

Carrie: Why isn’t it raining?

Me: Well, I guess we don’t have the right atmospheric conditions.

Carrie: Yeah! And plus, the clouds don’t have any water!


Okay, seriously, wasn’t I JUST blogging about Logan’s fifth birthday??? Wasn’t this like a week ago? A couple months, tops?

And yet, here we are again, somehow a whole YEAR later.

The best part of Logan’s birthday this year was that David had the day off, so we spent the whole day together as a family. We started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme, just in time for the debut of their Halloween donuts!




We even got them for free, thanks to the kindness of the lady behind the counter. It probably helped that David is their mailman. 🙂


It’s so much fun to watch the freshly fried donuts slide down the line and get showered with sugary glaze!

Our next stop was tumbling class. Logan and Carrie really enjoy being in class together. Their class of four kids consists of the two of them, their cousin, and one other kid. It’s a real family affair!




Even Kayla tried to get in on the action.


Next stop – lunch! Logan chose Burger King, which David and I were not thrilled about. So after we picked up BK for the kids, we headed to Moe’s for some burritos. There were several police officers in the parking lot, and David tried to convince Logan to come say hello to them. He was too shy, but Carrie wasn’t. They were very kind and even let Carrie sit on one of their bikes with the lights flashing!


The police officers laughed at me a little bit for having my camera at the ready. But it was Logan’s birthday, so of course I had my camera!

After lunch, we decided to take advantage of our Explorium membership. Did the kids want to go? Let’s just say we didn’t have to twist any arms…






The kids’ favorite room at the Explorium is the Bubble Room. They would happily spend all day there.







Eventually, though, it was time to go. When we got home, Aunt Janine was there with a present for Logan.



PUFFLES! Exactly what he wanted.

After dinner, it was time to head out to Logan’s t-ball game!




Running home. And then home we went, for more presents and the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake he’s been talking and dreaming about for months and months.




Happy Birthday to our wonderful big kid! We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the coming year holds for you. All our love, Mom and Dad.

Me: Logan, can you spell “fuchsia”?

Logan: Umm… P-U-R-P-L-E.

Carrie’s bedtime prayer tonight: Dear God, please help me to be good, and then I will become a princess! Also I would like to be a pie maker and a ninja. Amen!

These are in no particular order.

  • Do major spring–er, summer cleaning. Clean and declutter entire house, especially closets and garage. Daydream about how nice it would be to park in the garage again.
  • Decide on the main purpose of each living space/room in the house, and have hubby arrange furniture accordingly. Change mind several times, and have hubby rearrange furniture accordingly.
  • Set up and organize school area for upcoming school year. Review curriculum and prep for first week of study, which will probably be here before I can finish typing this blog entry.
  • Start family on super healthy eating plan. Grow all vegetables organically in back yard. Stop eating sugar, starch, caffeine, wheat, gluten, dairy, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, pork, red meat, high fructose corn syrup, msg, and red dye #40. Munch on organic celery stalk and try to convince self that life is still worth living.
  • Pick one of the 15 or so books I’m in the middle of, and resolve to finish it before starting any new books. Try not to feel discouraged upon realizing that I’ve forgotten everything I read so far, and therefore must start back at the beginning.
  • Feel sick at the enormity of to-do list. Tear up to-do list, pack a basket of goodies, and take kids to park for a picnic.


Posted on: May 13, 2009

She looks really contrite, doesn’t she?


I guess she’s thinking, “Whatever Mom, you’re the one who left the box within my reach!”

Last night, I was already in bed with the baby when Logan and Carrie came to bed – with dirty hands. I told them to go wash. I wish I’d had a tape recorder to record what followed, but their conversation went something like this. (I don’t know if it will seem as funny in writing as it was to actually hear them talking…)

Logan: Carrie, don’t get in the tub because it’s… [long pause]

Carrie: Big!

Logan: NO!!! Don’t get in the tub because it’s… [another long pause]

Carrie: Little?

Logan: NO!!! Don’t get in the tub because it’s…

Carrie: Got a green froggie? [this would be the spout cover that keeps the kids from bumping their heads]

Logan: No! Carrie, don’t tell me about a green froggie!

Carrie: But it’s got a froggie, Logan, and froggies are good!

Logan: NO Carrie, I don’t wanna hear anything about froggies! Don’t get in the tub because it’s… NIGHTTIME!!!

Carrie: OHHH!!! Okay!

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