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Today Logan had a dentist appointment. He was a little nervous, but not nearly as scared as I was. He doesn’t remember his last visit to the dentist.

But I do. And I did not want a repeat. Let me just say that there was screaming and vomit involved. (And he got upset too!) And we were both so traumatized that I took him home and didn’t take him back. For three years. Yes, I’m a terrible mother.

But recently, he complained that his front teeth were hurting him. I thought maybe we weren’t brushing and flossing well enough, so we ramped up the oral hygiene. When that didn’t help, I swallowed my fear and scheduled him an appontment. Today was the day.

One thing I love about our pediatric dentistry practice is that they have no problem with parents staying with their children through the entire visit. I’ve heard horror stories of places where parents are told they are not allowed to accompany their children. At our place, they do encourage parents to let their kids go alone, and I understand that most kids do just fine, but considering what we’d been through last time, and considering Logan’s unique circumstances and personality, I knew I needed to be there to be his advocate.

I was right to go with him. I made sure everything went smoothly – that he wasn’t forced to do the bitewing x-ray (pure torture for someone with oral sensory defensiveness) and he was allowed to spit into a cup rather than using the “spit sucker.” But all in all, I am so proud of how he acted. He was braver than I am when I go to the dentist. The pain turned out to be due to his two loose teeth – I didn’t even realize! He didn’t have any cavities, and the dentist said his oral hygiene looks fantastic. I couldn’t help but be a little proud to hear that – it means I am doing a good job too!

But the best part came at the end, when they gave him his certificate of bravery. There was a coupon attached for a free kid’s meal at Chick Fil A. When the hygienist told him he’d get a free lunch, he said, “Oh, that’s good, because we’re low on money.”

I turned six shades of red and made a mental note: from now on, watch very carefully what I say in front of him!!!


These are in no particular order.

  • Do major spring–er, summer cleaning. Clean and declutter entire house, especially closets and garage. Daydream about how nice it would be to park in the garage again.
  • Decide on the main purpose of each living space/room in the house, and have hubby arrange furniture accordingly. Change mind several times, and have hubby rearrange furniture accordingly.
  • Set up and organize school area for upcoming school year. Review curriculum and prep for first week of study, which will probably be here before I can finish typing this blog entry.
  • Start family on super healthy eating plan. Grow all vegetables organically in back yard. Stop eating sugar, starch, caffeine, wheat, gluten, dairy, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, pork, red meat, high fructose corn syrup, msg, and red dye #40. Munch on organic celery stalk and try to convince self that life is still worth living.
  • Pick one of the 15 or so books I’m in the middle of, and resolve to finish it before starting any new books. Try not to feel discouraged upon realizing that I’ve forgotten everything I read so far, and therefore must start back at the beginning.
  • Feel sick at the enormity of to-do list. Tear up to-do list, pack a basket of goodies, and take kids to park for a picnic.

Here is Kayla at the top of the elephant bed ladder. (I knew it was too much to hope that she could only climb the bottom rung.) She got here entirely on her own. The picture is taken up close because of course I had to be right there with one arm ready to catch her.


Fortunately, I can remove the ladder. Unfortunately, I cannot remove the couches.


I think it is time to wrap her in bubble wrap.

And by the way, can someone please, please, please remind her that SHE IS ONLY TEN MONTHS OLD AND HAS NO BUSINESS ENGAGING IN SUCH CLIMBING ACTIVITIES AS THESE?????

It may not last long enough even for me to type this sentence, but as of this moment, I am all by myself. The first moment of quiet alone time I’ve had for as long as I can remember. Everyone else in the house is asleep. Oh, sweet bliss!

No, you don’t understand. This… NEVER happens. Usually the baby wakes me up, so first thing in the morning I am caring for her. If I try to get up before her, she is awake within minutes. At bedtime, she falls asleep in my arms (or next to me) and won’t sleep long without me. To demonstrate, she has just awoken; my moment is gone. Still, this was amazing – she gave me enough time to shower, eat a bowl of cereal, start a load of laundry, and write a few sentences of this post. Which I’ll continue, even though she is awake.

Moments like this morning’s are rare, and I enjoy them quite a bit. However, having been through this twice before, I’m fully aware of how short this phase is in my baby’s life. To me, the moments that she sleeps securely in my arms are precious.

Now the only problem is that she has fallen back asleep in my arms, and it’s time to get everyone ready for Logan’s t-ball ceremony…


Posted on: May 13, 2009

She looks really contrite, doesn’t she?


I guess she’s thinking, “Whatever Mom, you’re the one who left the box within my reach!”

Kayla is starting to spend a lot of time practicing standing independently. I actually managed to get a picture…


And a video!

Yesterday Kayla turned 6 months old. I know, right? Time flies! She had her ceremonial first taste of solids… although actually I cheated and gave her a bite of avocado a couple of weeks ago… but anyhow, yesterday was the big day. She enjoyed it quite well. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!




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