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I’m Erin, a 32-year-old homeschooling mother of three, doing my best to raise my children in the Catholic faith.

I’m doing my best to raise myself in the Faith as well. I strive daily for holiness; daily I fail. Only by the grace of God will I persevere till the end.

I work part-time at home for money; the rest of the time I work for hugs and kisses. 😉

I’m married to the mailman. 🙂 My husband, David, was welcomed into the Catholic church this past Easter. We are now officially a Catholic family!

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3 Responses to "About"

My dear neice, Erin;
I am enjoying your blog and I am compelled to respectfully comment regarding your morality catagory. It seems overlooked the distinction between morality and legality. Our criminal justice system cannot protect the unborn. Legislature can’t help this problem. It might try, but it will only make matters worse. No one likes abortion,but why would you want to make it a government issue? If the government could help even a tiny bit, I might favor its involvement, but it can’t so let’s butt out governmentally, and if we really want to help the unborn, let’s help in a way that’s going to be affective. Perhaps start facillitating alternatives. Have you a place in your heart or home for a born-but-not-loved infant or child? The government isn’t going to raise these kids. Please respond. Uncle Jerry

Dear Uncle J, thanks for stopping by! I have enjoyed reading your blog as well. To address your questions:

What is wrong with legislating morality? That’s why we have laws against murder, rape, theft, etc…. Abortion, particularly partial birth abortion, is nothing more than a most gruesome form of murder (infanticide). In a partial birth abortion, the living baby is almost born! The doctor need only deliver the head. Instead, he jams a scissors into the back of the baby’s skull and sucks out the brains. Could there be anything more horrifying or gruesome? Even if you don’t believe life begins at conception, surely you can’t argue that this isn’t a real living baby we’re talking about at this point.

What could be more effective in helping the unborn than protecting their God-given right to live? Anti-abortion laws allow for the prosecution of so-called “doctors” who spend their days murdering babies. As for alternatives, we already have an alternative to the abortion of “unwanted” children: it’s called adoption. But the truth is that many mothers are often pressured, forced, or coerced – by parents, boyfriends, husbands, and abortion doctors – into abortions they don’t want. Pro-choice? Ha. I have heard countless women testify that abortion was someone else’s choice, not theirs. Abortion is anti-child AND anti-woman. And even if it would be difficult to find loving homes for these children, the solution is still not to kill them off, that’s just plain ludicrous!

Hi Erin & David

We sent you a parcel some months ago for your daughter Kayla’s birth.

We were wondering if you received it as I have not heard back to date.

Merry christmas to you all

Uncle Ron & Aunt Melanie Tara and Bronwen from down under.

Love the picks of your kids.

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I'm Erin, a 32-year-old homeschooling mother of three, doing my best to raise my children in the Catholic faith... (more)



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