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Montessori on the cheap

Posted on: September 22, 2009

If you’re interested in Montessori activities for your preschool child but don’t have a big budget for such things, consider this book. (And while you’re at it, buy a bunch of her other products and tell me how you like them!)

I bought the Montessori on a Shoestring book about a week ago, and so far it’s been a big hit. I bought the book mainly for Carrie, thinking it would give her some fun activities to work on while I do school with Logan (she’s always begging me to “do school” too), but Logan enjoys the activities just as much as she does. And on the 5 or so activities we’ve tried so far, I’ve spent a total of $0.67.

So far, Carrie’s hands-down favorite is the “real tea party” where she gets to set the table for tea, then practice pouring “real” tea (water with food coloring) and “cream” (a bit of milk). She also spoons sugar into our cups and stirs. She loves to have tea parties anyway, so when I told her she’d get to pour real tea, well, let’s just say the girl was in heaven. And already she’s gotten quite adept at pouring. This week I’ve planned to try several new activities, but she’s been begging for the tea party again, so I have a feeling we’ll be doing that one… a LOT.



2 Responses to "Montessori on the cheap"

That book looks great! I will be adding it to my wish list!

So, the real questions… do they really drink the “tea”? And how do you keep Kayla from knocking it all over? Cecilia wants to do whatever Caroline is doing, especially if it involves something forbidden and messy!

Yes, Carrie really drank the “tea”! I thought that was pretty gross, considering she had spooned in some sugar and added some milk – but it didn’t seem to bother her a bit! I wasn’t planning to let her drink it, but at one point I turned my back to reach for a towel, and when I turned back, her cup was empty. Yuck! LOL.

As for Kayla, I moved Logan’s school desk behind the gate so Kayla couldn’t get to it. Otherwise she definitely would have destroyed it. I distracted her with something else so she didn’t feel too left out.

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