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Going to the dentist, oo-wee!

Posted on: July 29, 2009

Today Logan had a dentist appointment. He was a little nervous, but not nearly as scared as I was. He doesn’t remember his last visit to the dentist.

But I do. And I did not want a repeat. Let me just say that there was screaming and vomit involved. (And he got upset too!) And we were both so traumatized that I took him home and didn’t take him back. For three years. Yes, I’m a terrible mother.

But recently, he complained that his front teeth were hurting him. I thought maybe we weren’t brushing and flossing well enough, so we ramped up the oral hygiene. When that didn’t help, I swallowed my fear and scheduled him an appontment. Today was the day.

One thing I love about our pediatric dentistry practice is that they have no problem with parents staying with their children through the entire visit. I’ve heard horror stories of places where parents are told they are not allowed to accompany their children. At our place, they do encourage parents to let their kids go alone, and I understand that most kids do just fine, but considering what we’d been through last time, and considering Logan’s unique circumstances and personality, I knew I needed to be there to be his advocate.

I was right to go with him. I made sure everything went smoothly – that he wasn’t forced to do the bitewing x-ray (pure torture for someone with oral sensory defensiveness) and he was allowed to spit into a cup rather than using the “spit sucker.” But all in all, I am so proud of how he acted. He was braver than I am when I go to the dentist. The pain turned out to be due to his two loose teeth – I didn’t even realize! He didn’t have any cavities, and the dentist said his oral hygiene looks fantastic. I couldn’t help but be a little proud to hear that – it means I am doing a good job too!

But the best part came at the end, when they gave him his certificate of bravery. There was a coupon attached for a free kid’s meal at Chick Fil A. When the hygienist told him he’d get a free lunch, he said, “Oh, that’s good, because we’re low on money.”

I turned six shades of red and made a mental note: from now on, watch very carefully what I say in front of him!!!


1 Response to "Going to the dentist, oo-wee!"

What a brave boy and kudos on the no cavities! I’m a “bad” Mommy, too, as I haven’t brought the kids to the dentist in a good while for the same reasons! They had an “exam” at school that was quick and painless, though. lol.

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