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The Story of the Little Pepper (a tragedy)

Posted on: July 26, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a cute, sweet little pepper. It was so cute and small and adorable that when the brown thumb gardener saw it smiling on its little branch in its little pot in an aisle at Lowe’s, she couldn’t help but to take it home. The gardener promised herself that this time, things would be different. She’d nurse and care for this plant until the pepper was ready to be picked and … uh … eaten. (She didn’t tell the pepper about that part.)

At first, things seemed to be going well. The pepper was as small as a marble, but it loved its Miracle Gro soil, its bright, warm sunshine, and its cool, clear water. Soon it began to grow. The gardener checked on it daily and was thrilled to watch it thrive. The pepper looked forward to the gardener’s visits each day.

After a while, the changes in the little pepper’s growth became less noticeable. The brown thumb gardener became a bit bored with gardening, and she didn’t check on the little pepper so often. Then the gardener and her husband started to build a giant playground for their little gardeners. The giant playground blocked most of the little pepper’s sunlight.

The little pepper felt sad and a little miffed. She wasn’t sure why the brown thumb gardener was ignoring her, or why she didn’t feel so strong and healthy anymore. One day she noticed that the stalk on which she was perched was sagging a little. Before long, the little pepper was resting on the ground – just a bit.

The pepper sighed and thought, “Well, at least this bit of ground is cool. It is SO very hot out here, and it seems I never get any water to refresh me anymore.” So she rested on the ground.

The little pepper did her best to continue to grow. She drew up as much energy from her little stalk as she could. But there wasn’t much energy to be had. And after a while, she noticed that the part of her that touched the ground was a bit mushy. She tried to ignore it, but the mushy spot grew and spread. The pepper figured she’d mention it to the gardener on her next visit. She resolved to wait patiently.

Many weeks passed before the gardener came to visit again. The little pepper tried to perk up and look her best, but it was no use. She could see the gardener’s look of disgust at the sight of her rotted flesh. Before the little pepper knew what was happening, the gardener snapped her off the stalk and tossed her in the trash.

The End.



3 Responses to "The Story of the Little Pepper (a tragedy)"

oh! that makes me so sad!
it sounds similar to the fate of my tomatoes…and squash…

What a sad story! You must have a terrible mother who didn’t teach you how to be a good gardener. But at least SHE would have just cut off the rotten part–it looks like there was one sweet bite left.


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