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7 Quick Takes Friday (5)

Posted on: July 24, 2009

1. I still want to move. On my birthday I went house hunting and found a house I love. I keep finding myself daydreaming about where the new office/schoolroom would be, where the playroom would be, how much time we’d spend playing in the backyard… and then I come back to reality. This house is nowhere near ready to sell yet. Prepping it for sale has been going slowly. Snail’s pace. Slower than a snail’s pace. So slow, you could say we really haven’t done anything yet. So if I really want to get that house, it’s time to get motivated! Updates to come, I hope.

2. The kids have colds. Again. What is up with that? I thought kids weren’t supposed to catch colds in the summer? As a result, they’re not sleeping well, and I’m once again incredibly sleep deprived. So if I sound at all incoherent here, now you know why.

3. My husband has started his own blog. It’s about his fitness journey, which he will be starting on August 1st. You can check it out here.

4. Last night my older kids went to sleep without me in the room. If I find a way to help the baby do the same, I might actually get some alone time with my husband (or even a little time to myself) in the evenings. I think that might go a long way toward refreshing me! But I won’t hold my breath; it’ll probably be some time before the baby can sleep without me.

5. We’re trying to save money around here, so today I got rid of cable. I wonder if I’ll miss it? I don’t know, but I sure will appreciate the $65 saved each month. And I won’t have to worry about what the kids are watching. 😉

6. We will also be changing our cell phone plans next month when our contract is up. We’re going to try T-Mobile’s prepaid pay per day plan. It’s an interesting idea. It will require some discipline to actually save us money, though.

7. I feel this list is pretty boring this week, and I probably wouldn’t have even posted a 7QTF today if not for Jen’s teaser. So if you’ve never read my blog before, don’t judge me by this entry, please. 😉

Go to for more quick takes! See ya next time!


1 Response to "7 Quick Takes Friday (5)"

You won’t miss it. 🙂
We got rid of ours for a long time and I wish we had left it gone! It’s been back since we got our cable modem. Just basic cable, but still…if I have to hear one more “yaz” commercial, or one more “erectile dysfunction” commercial, or one more KY comercial…yuck.

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