Light of my Life

To Do List

Posted on: July 16, 2009

These are in no particular order.

  • Do major spring–er, summer cleaning. Clean and declutter entire house, especially closets and garage. Daydream about how nice it would be to park in the garage again.
  • Decide on the main purpose of each living space/room in the house, and have hubby arrange furniture accordingly. Change mind several times, and have hubby rearrange furniture accordingly.
  • Set up and organize school area for upcoming school year. Review curriculum and prep for first week of study, which will probably be here before I can finish typing this blog entry.
  • Start family on super healthy eating plan. Grow all vegetables organically in back yard. Stop eating sugar, starch, caffeine, wheat, gluten, dairy, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, pork, red meat, high fructose corn syrup, msg, and red dye #40. Munch on organic celery stalk and try to convince self that life is still worth living.
  • Pick one of the 15 or so books I’m in the middle of, and resolve to finish it before starting any new books. Try not to feel discouraged upon realizing that I’ve forgotten everything I read so far, and therefore must start back at the beginning.
  • Feel sick at the enormity of to-do list. Tear up to-do list, pack a basket of goodies, and take kids to park for a picnic.

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