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7 Quick Takes Friday (4)

Posted on: July 3, 2009



I really, really, really, really, really want to move. But the thought of fixing up this house to sell is frighteningly overwhelming. I’m going to try to take it a room at a time and see where that gets me. I really do love this house, but our family has nearly doubled in size since we bought it, and it’s feeling a bit tight for the five of us. If we could find a place with all the elements of this place plus one or two more rooms (a family room, maybe a fourth bedroom), I would be a happy camper. It doesn’t even have to be updated – we are do-it-yourselfers.


I wish I had found this years ago!!! Gone is the nasty late afternoon glare in the living room and kitchen. This is going to keep our house cooler and save us money. And it was only $20 and super easy to install. Awesome.



I wish I had thought of this years ago!!! Since Kayla is a climbin’ fool, I devised this ingenious (if I do say so myself) way to keep her from scaling the living room bookshelves: sheets of clear plexiglass velcroed to the edges of the bookshelf. They’re nearly invisible, and the added bonus is she doesn’t sit and pull books off the shelf anymore. Score!

I would post a picture, but since it’s nearly invisible, you wouldn’t really see what I’m talking about anyway… 😉


I went to the store tonight and bought David a 6-pack of beer.

They didn’t card me.


So I’m about to turn 32 and have borne 3 children. I don’t look like a teenager anymore. I get it. But could the cashier, a fellow female no less, not humor a gal?

Oh well, whatever.


 I had a dream last night that I was outside with the kids when I spotted a ferocious looking tiger, and I had to hurry the kids inside while wondering if the tiger had spotted and was following us. I dream this dream a lot, though the animal and our location may change. What is up with that? Is there some significance to dreaming that you’re afraid of being mauled (or your kids being mauled) by a large creature?


 A quick update on my vegetables: they are actually thriving!!! I’m so shocked. They look good enough to eat. (Compare this picture of my pepper to the one I took just over a week ago!) I just can’t believe nothing has died yet. Thank you, Miracle Gro!



Happy Birthday to my niece, who turns 7 tomorrow on the 4th of July! What fun to have the whole country celebrate your birthday with you. I hope she has a very special day, and I’m looking forward to spending at least some of it with her!

Head on over to for more quick takes. Happy Friday!


3 Responses to "7 Quick Takes Friday (4)"

Hey! I found your blog via Jen @ Conversion Diary.

That is so cool that you’re growing vegetables! I always wanted to have a garden of my own, but I’m horribly bad at keeping plants alive. They really don’t like to live under my care, no matter how nicely I treat them. I secretly suspect my cats or some imaginary evil plant-killing gnomes are undermining my efforts with the house plants.

Oh! You have an actual pepper, I’m so jealous! I have no peppers at all yet, just dried up tiny flower buds….I think my peppers are infertile, hehe…also, something is eating all the lower leaves.

Sounds like things are going great all in all [I used to have dreams about bad guys killing my children, no idea what that’s about LOL! ]. I love that solution for your window – that’s genius!

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