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The ladder of success

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Here is Kayla at the top of the elephant bed ladder. (I knew it was too much to hope that she could only climb the bottom rung.) She got here entirely on her own. The picture is taken up close because of course I had to be right there with one arm ready to catch her.


Fortunately, I can remove the ladder. Unfortunately, I cannot remove the couches.


I think it is time to wrap her in bubble wrap.

And by the way, can someone please, please, please remind her that SHE IS ONLY TEN MONTHS OLD AND HAS NO BUSINESS ENGAGING IN SUCH CLIMBING ACTIVITIES AS THESE?????


1 Response to "The ladder of success"

WOW – She puts my daredevil 17 month old to shame! Are you sure she’s only ten months old??? LOL! All that hair, and the gross motor skills of a year and a half old baby… amazing! I just posted on my blog on Cecilia’s latest climbing feats… she went to the top of the McDonald’s play area. She also would have climbed up the tunnel slide if I hadn’t gone in after her to drag her out! And the sign says it is for kids ages 3-12… how are we going to hold these girls back from this kind of stuff for another two years if they are already climbing so well so young?!?

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