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7 Quick Takes Friday (2)

Posted on: May 22, 2009


1. This edition of 7QTF comes to you from my bed. I am incapacitated today with a terrible bout of vertigo. I knew I was in trouble this morning when I went to get Logan a tissue, and the room started spinning around me. I called David in tears (how on earth would I take care of 3 young kids plus my sister-in-law, who is staying with us while she recovers from a broken leg?), and would you know he took a sick day and came home to care for all of us? I feel blessed beyond measure. I hope it goes away quickly, though.

2. There have been a couple of new additions to the household. Meet Logan Sorensen and Carrie Sennysen, Logan and Carrie’s imaginary friends! Logan recently became very interested in Lola’s imaginary friend Soren Lorensen, which led him to ask me many questions about my childhood imaginary friend (Jenny). Before I knew it, he was introducing me to Logan Sorensen. And of course when Carrie found out, she just had to join in on the fun.

And I thought the bed was crowded with the five of us…

3. Thanks to our crazy busy lives, I never had a chance to post about our very exciting Easter. This year I saw a clear and joyous answer to 13 years of prayer as my husband was baptized and received into the Church at our parish Easter Vigil Mass. What a blessed event! Too bad I missed most of it. (Why I ever thought it would be a good idea to bring all three little ones to a 2 1/2 hour Mass that didn’t even start until 8:45 pm is beyond me…) I did see his baptism, but I missed his First Communion and Confirmation. Well, at least we have ahead of us a lifetime (God willing) of attending Mass and receiving Communion together. There’s something special I feel about the fact that we are now officially a Catholic family. I can honestly say that in the 6 weeks or so since Easter, I have seen a real, tangible difference in our marriage (which is now sacramental). It is awesome. God is good!

4. I am a bad mommy. Last night when I cleaned up most of the mess from dinner, I forgot about an open can of olives, then I got busy with something and didn’t notice Carrie was playing with the can. She ended up cutting her thumb right along the quick of her nailbed. Good thing Daddy was here to take care of her. As he was cleaning her up, singing her songs, and asking her about her favorite color (pink, of course), it was completely obvious to me that his new career path is the right one – he’s going to be a fantastic nurse.

5. I found a car I suppose I wouldn’t mind buying. It’s a 2006 Honda Pilot. It is about as plain as they come, no bells and whistles, so it’s not terribly expensive, but it would do the job. I absolutely despise the idea of a car payment, though. It’s been over 5 years since we’ve had one, and I just don’t want to go down that road again. I’m trying to come up with an alternative. Maybe we could buy a cheapie car for David, and try to save up our money until we actually need a car that fits four carseats.

6. Logan’s t-ball team won their first game the other day! Go Orioles! I am surprised at how much I actually enjoy watching his team play. I also enjoy seeing how much he has improved from that first practice just a few weeks ago, when he didn’t even know how to put his glove on. At his first game, he hit the ball and ran straight to third base. On defense, he spent the whole game playing in the dirt. He had no sense of the game going on around him. Now he runs the bases like a pro, and he has fielded the ball several times. Most importantly, he really enjoys the game. I’m already looking forward to the fall season.

7. Kayla had her 9-month checkup this week. Everything went fine, except for some reason the girl is terrified of the doctor’s office. When I set her down on the examining table, she became hysterical – before anyone even did anything! When I put her on the scale, all she had to do was sit there and look at the pretty balloon, but she screamed as if we were torturing her. In a way, this worked to her advantage: when it was time for her shot, she was already so worked up that I don’t think she even noticed.


4 Responses to "7 Quick Takes Friday (2)"

Wow Erin – you guys are BUSY! I hope you feel better soon – and God bless your husband for taking the day off to help – awesome!

I miss you!


Thank you Kelly, I am better already. And I miss you too!

Honda Pilot’s can fit 4 carseats? *filing this away for future reference*

My oldest daughter always started screaming the minute she was on the exam table too. From about 6 or 9 months on, if I remember right. Now that she’s three, it’s gotten better, but she’s still distrustful of that ear scope thing. It takes some doin’ for the poor doctor. Good luck! Nothing makes me feel worse than submitting my kids to such terror, imagined or otherwise.

Yes, I guess in theory it could hold 5 carseats, 3 in the way back row and 2 in the middle. (If you put a third in the middle row, I’m not sure how you’d get to the back row…) If we get it, I’ll put all 3 in the middle row so nobody has to climb in back! 🙂

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