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7 Quick Takes Friday

Posted on: May 15, 2009


I’ve enjoyed reading 7 Quick Takes Friday for some time now, and this week I was inspired to finally join in. Well, actually I was inspired to join in last week… but not until Saturday morning. 🙂

1. Kayla’s first tooth finally came in. I was hoping when it finally poked through, she’d cheer up a bit, but I think there is at least one more tooth ready to poke through, so her mood has not improved. At all. She’s cranky as all get-out and wants to be held CONSTANTLY. I try to remind myself that before I know it, she will not have time for all this cuddling (if you can call it that), but it still wears on me a bit.

2. I finally had my car checked out and repaired today. I took it to a shop I’d heard advertised on our local Catholic radio station. I was very impressed with the place, particularly the crucifix in the waiting room! I’ve been telling everyone about it. Too bad it still cost $500 to fix my car. But I do feel better knowing the brakes are working properly now!

3. Ever since I bought this adorable kid’s table and chair set, I’ve been very disciplined about doing school each morning with Logan. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it! I know my weaknesses, and one of my biggest fears about homeschooling was that I wouldn’t be disciplined enough to do it each day. I’ve been praying about this for quite some time, and this seems to be an answer to my prayers.

4. Speaking of car repairs, we’re looking at the possibility of buying a new car. It’s almost an inevitability; if (when?) another wee one comes along, he/she can’t be squeezed into our small sedan – legally, anyway. I really, really, REALLY try to be detached from such material pleasures as car shopping, but I have to admit, I’m a tiny bit extremely excited about the idea. New car smell, mmmm!

5. I’m so impressed with how Logan has improved in t-ball. Just a few short weeks ago, he was totally clueless. At the first game, at his first at-bat, he hit the ball and ran… straight to third base. When his team was in the outfield, he just squatted in the dirt and wrote words with his finger, completely oblivious to the game going on around him. Now, he’s a pro at running the bases, he stands ready and watches the batter, and he’s so eager to field the ball that he’ll chase it all the way to the outfield – even when he’s playing catcher. Enthusiasm! That’s a good thing!

6. I’m in the middle of a few really good books right now. Check the sidebar for details.

7. Seven? Seriously? I guess my life just isn’t exciting enough. Better luck next week. 😉


2 Responses to "7 Quick Takes Friday"

We have to upgrade to a bigger car, too (NO WAY are 10 people going to fit in a Dodge Caravan! LOL). But we just blew our “new to us car” budget on fixing the transmission in the old one.

I love little tables! Ease yourself into a homeschool routine, until it’s a natural part of your day. You don’t have to start every subject all at once at the same time when the time comes… you can get used to doing alphabet stuff, then add on some number sense stuff, then add in some discovery/science stuff.

are you going to post more about those books?
bringing up geeks and homeward bound sound good!

I’m glad you decided to join in 7 quick takes, I love to discover new blogs like yours 🙂

And many congrats on that chair-table set that keep you on track for homeschooling!

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