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Super SUPER girl

Posted on: March 18, 2009

I am blown away. I have never known a child as determined as Kayla. In the past 2 weeks (or maybe less), she has gone from being completely immobile, to crawling, to pulling up and standing, to cruising (walking while holding on to furniture such as the couch). And tonight, she started standing on her own. At 7 1/2 months!!! I was sitting on the floor playing with her, and she kept pulling up on me and standing while holding my shirt. So just for fun, I picked her up and set her feet about shoulder width apart, and then I slowly let go. I expected her to just fall – I mean, what baby can balance herself at that age? She did fall after a second the first time, but then she gave me this… look that clearly said, “I want to try again!” So I picked her up and set her down again, and she thrust her arms out and balanced herself… and you could just see the determination on her face! She stayed standing for a good solid 5 seconds, and on the next turn she stood for nearly TEN seconds!

Of course, the downside to all these new skills is that the child does NOT want to go to sleep any more at night. Who can think of sleep when there are all these exciting new things to practice??? Last night she crawled around the bed for what felt like hours before she finally settled down. We may have a little prodigy on our hands, but I sure could use a little more sleep!


2 Responses to "Super SUPER girl"

Wow! That is amazing! And so awesome!

Oh my gosh, that’s crazy. lol…No, I’m not ready for Tess to be mobile either, I’m glad she’s a lazier baby, hehe…

Your pics are beautiful though, what gorgeous eyes she has. And that hair! Still tons of it! Tess was born with a good amount, but it all fell out!

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