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Short Bytes

Posted on: December 10, 2008

Me: What’s up, Carrie?
Carrie (looking about as serious as a 3-year-old can possibly look): Mom, Logan’s freakin’ me out and it’s makin’ me angry!


Kayla has her first cold. Just last week she had her first tummy bug, and now this. She has a runny, stuffy nose and a horrible, juicy cough. I am beyond distressed to hear such frightening sounds coming from my sweet little princess. She is just too young to be sick like this!! Thankfully it has clearly been much harder on me than it has on her. She’s as happy as ever. She’s not sleeping so great, though; the coughing is keeping her awake. 😦


I LOVE my “new” (borrowed) Ergo baby carrier. Look at the two pictures below. Notice the difference between the two? Look at the kitchen counters. The second one shows what I was able to accomplish with a baby on my back instead of in my arms. 😉



2 Responses to "Short Bytes"

Awesome! I need to try Tess on my back again. It makes me kinda nervous…”Is she ok? Is she comfortable?” Well…I guess if she’s uncomfortable, she’ll let me know, huh? 🙂

Yeah, I’ve been using mine more and more, and I find myself worrying that somehow she’ll fall out. I know it can’t really happen, but I still worry…

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