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And baby makes five

Posted on: September 30, 2008

Today Kayla is two months old. Oh, how our lives have changed since she came along. Life as a family of five has been wonderful. I always heard that transitioning from two children to three was the hardest transition, but in our case, it wasn’t nearly as challenging as transitioning from one child to two. Maybe it’s because the older kids were a bit older this time; Logan had just turned 2 when Carrie was born, and with all his communication difficulties, he was still quite needy. The other thing that helps is that now Logan and Carrie have each other to play with. At any rate, they simply adore their little sister, and life is very, very good. God has blessed us beyond measure.

That being said, right now in our house, chaos reigns. Kayla’s temperament seems to have mellowed substantially over the last few weeks, so that at 2 months she is a fairly easygoing baby. However, she still wants to be held 98% of the time. And let’s be honest, I want to hold her 98% of the time. (Well, maybe 95% of the time.) That makes it rather difficult to do much else. Translation: the house is a mess! I am quickly becoming more skilled in performing many one-handed tasks (picking up toys, washing laundry, typing, even washing dishes), but there is still much I can’t do, so I let it all go until David gets home from work. At that point, life becomes a flurry of “hold the baby a minute while I…” activities that continue until the baby and I collapse, exhausted (well, I’m exhausted anyway; Queen Kayla who has rested in mom or dad’s arms all day, probably not so much) into bed. Throw into the mix my attempt to start homeschooling Logan, plus my part-time work-from-home job, and you could say I am perpetually playing catch-up and fighting exhaustion. But in a good way. 😉

I’m also learning the art of going out into the world with three young children. At the grocery store, I can now fill to 75% capacity one of those four-seater carts with the brightly colored plastic car. Logan and Carrie drive the car up front, while Kayla stays in the back with Mom. Although lately I just leave her infant seat in the car and carry her in the Baby Bjorn – it’s not like she ever falls asleep in the car, so why lug around that heavy, awkward carrier? I may just give up on it altogether and start using her convertible car seat.

I love venturing out with my three children. I don’t know why; it just makes me feel motherly. Of course, I’m now besieged by onlookers who can’t seem to resist commenting on how I’ve got my hands full, or even asking if I’m going to have more. (Hello??? Sorry, Total Stranger, not quite ready to have that conversation with you!) My favorite is when my three children and I go out to lunch with my sister and her four children. I can almost see people’s heads spin as they try to figure out which kids belong to whom – and my sister and I don’t help things any when we (loudly) say things to each other like, “So what’s it like to have seven kids? I’m hoping we’ll have a baby soon.” Or “Can’t you control your six children? Look how well behaved my child is.” It’s just too fun. So fun that I can’t wait till the next little one comes along. (Hey, somebody’s got to keep this world populated, right??)


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heehee…I do this with a friend of mine during mass. She sits right behind us with her three young kids, and when Jack is being noisey and hers are being quiet, I’ll turn around and give her a dirty look and whisper, “Geez, control your child, won’t you?”….so everyone will think it’s her children that are being noisy.

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