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Fixing up the house

Posted on: May 2, 2008

I haven’t posted lately because we’ve been extremely busy. We’ve decided that this house is not big enough for a family of 5, so we’re trying to fix it up to sell. There’s so much to do that it’s pretty overwhelming. It IS fun, though, especially trying to find creative ways to make big changes for very little money. All those years of watching home design shows are finally paying off! For instance, in the kitchen I’ve decided we won’t be able to change the cabinets or the countertop, but I do think the whole room will look much nicer with all black appliances, rather than the mix we have now – beige fridge, beige and black dishwasher, beige and black stove, black microwave. So yesterday I replaced our beige and black dishwasher with an all-black dishwasher, for a cost of about $3. I used a screwdriver to remove the beige panel, thoroughly cleaned and de-greased it, then spray-painted it black. (The spray paint actually cost about $7, but I didn’t use the whole can; the rest will go toward painting all the cabinet hardware.) I can’t believe the difference! It really looks amazing, like it was meant to be that way.

For the fridge, I’ll be using a special paint made for appliances. It will cost $4.50. The stove will cost more; I’m not willing to paint it so I’ll have to buy a new used one. Same with the microwave. But overall we will only spend a few hundred dollars. In our housing market, it does not make sense to spend any more.

We are also working on a minor remodel of the master bathroom, but that’s a topic for another day; I have kitchen cabinet hardware to clean and paint. 🙂


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