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More potty training fun!

Posted on: March 19, 2008

Could we be making progress in the potty training department?

Logan’s been doing reasonably well with the m&m incentive, but only occasionally using the potty when he really wants some m&m’s. Unfortunately David and I have gotten pretty lax about the m&m’s and let him have them at other times, so they have probably lost their appeal as something special and potty-related. So things were definitely going slowly, and Logan was still refusing to wear anything but diapers. I tried telling him for several days that when the Ernie and Cookie Monster diapers were gone, he would have to wear either underwear, pull-ups, or Elmo diapers (thinking he’d sooner potty train than wear Elmo diapers, which he has despised for as long as I can remember, for no reason I can fathom). But when I asked him one day what he’d wear when his “favorite” diapers were gone, he said, “Elmo diapers!” I was pretty shocked, considering his violent refusal for at least the past 9 months regarding Elmo diapers. So that plan backfired. Guess I should have just “laid down the law;” I just thought things might go more smoothly if he felt it was his own choice.

But I guess my mistake was that I was giving him a choice. Last night he was apparently playing with his diaper, picking the fuzz off the outside until he picked a hole clean through to the little gel balls on the inside that hold all the liquid. At that point, gel balls started pouring out. He came to me to show me, and when I discovered the mess trailed all the way across the living room and hallway, into the computer room, my first reaction was, “Oh Logan, that’s disgusting, and you’re making a mess! You’re done with diapers.”

Strangely, he seemed to accept this. David put him in a pull-up while I cleaned up the mess (which was extremely challenging, by the way; those little gel balls are nearly impossible to pick up!), and then I immediately ran out to the store and returned with several packages of underwear. He didn’t want to wear it at first, but I said, “Let’s just try it on, and then you can put your pull-up back on.” So he complied, and boy did he look cute (and so much like a big kid!) in his boxer briefs that are just like Daddy’s. Then he asked for his pull-up, so I picked it up to let him have it back, but I noticed that he had already peed in it, so I told him it had been used and he couldn’t wear it now. Again, strangely, he seemed to accept this. Maybe he liked how comfortable the underwear felt. His diapers seem to have been bothering him for some time now, and the pull-ups can’t have felt much better. Anyway, I told him that now that he was wearing underwear, he HAD to poop and pee on the potty every time, and he actually said, “Okay.”

I was naturally skeptical, based on our past experiences (this is not the first time we’ve put him in underwear), but he kept them dry for the rest of the night, using the potty three times. At bedtime I asked him if he wanted his underwear or a pull-up, and he chose the underwear. Will he wake up soaking wet this morning? Possibly, but he stayed dry in underwear all night once before, and I have noticed that his diapers have been pretty dry most mornings. The trick will be convincing him to get right on the potty when he gets up, which is something he’s never been willing to do. The other trick, of course, will be convincing him to poop on the potty, which he has never done yet.

Anyway, that’s why I bought 12 pairs of underwear, because I expect to go through a lot of them while he works at getting this down pat. 🙂


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