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I can make you happy

Posted on: March 6, 2008

I try at all times to appreciate Logan’s quirkiness. I’ve never known a kid like him, and he can be so much fun… most of the time. But sometimes he drives me completely insane! Take yesterday, for example, when we went to KFC and I got the kids laptop meals. He was already pretty cranky because he had wanted a square piece of pumpkin loaf from Starbucks and refused to eat it after I broke it and gave half to Carrie. Then when he saw the bag with the laptop meals, he started insisting he didn’t want a laptop, just the bag. So I handed him the empty bag. Immediately he cried, “No Mom, I want the bag with a laptop meal in it!!” Exasperated, I snatched the bag back, threw the laptop meal into it, and shoved it back at him. He could tell I was annoyed, so he did what he always does when he can see that I’m annoyed: he blew me a kiss.

And here’s the thing, it works every time! No matter how mad I am, when he tries to cheer me up with kisses I cannot help but smile, and suddenly I don’t care about how irritated I was a minute ago. If I don’t perk up right away, he keeps blowing kisses until I do. And then, just so we’re all clear, he announces, “You’re happy! You’re not sad or mad. I can make you happy!” And it’s true, he really can.


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