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Is it spring yet? Please?

Posted on: February 26, 2008

I just don’t believe it, Carrie is sick again. She and Logan have been trading colds for a good two months now, and during that entire time her nose has never stopped running. The last two nights she’s been up all night coughing, and of course I’ve been up with her. After each little mini-coughing fit she just looks so sad it breaks my heart. She grimaces like it really hurts, and then looks at me as if to say, “Mommy, can’t you make it stop?” If I offer her a spoonful of honey or a tissue or just a shoulder to snuggle, she whimpers, “Okay!” in the saddest, most pathetic little voice. It is like a dagger through my heart.

This is the sickest winter we’ve ever had. Usually we have one or two colds per year, and that’s about it. This year we’ve had multiple colds, ear infections, croup…. Seriously, is it spring yet? I am dreaming of going through a day, an entire day, without wiping anyone’s nose. I believe someday it will happen, I do. But it won’t be any time soon, because Logan is going to catch Carrie’s cold, then I’ll get it from Logan, then David will get it… although I have no plans to wipe his nose….

Life is not all bad, though. During the day Carrie doesn’t cough much, and she’s as cheerful, cute, and sweet as ever.


And lately she and Logan have been getting along swimmingly. And every time I get out the camera, they both really ham it up.


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