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Here comes the potty!

Posted on: February 26, 2008

As ecstatic as I am to have baby number three on the way, I have certainly not been looking forward to having three children in diapers. (If you know Logan at all, you are not surprised that he is still in diapers.) But it’s looking as though I might not have to face that challenge.

Last night I bought a big clear plastic jar and a big bag of M&Ms. All those bright, shiny colors? You could say they caught Logan’s attention. He ran over to me and said in the cutest little singsong voice, “I want to eat LOTS of M&Ms!” I told him he could only have some if he used the potty. Immediately he ripped off his diaper, ran to the bathroom, and used the potty. His reward: 10 M&Ms. I told him if he goes poop on the potty he gets 20. He was so excited, and I was hopeful!

This morning when he woke up, I asked him right away if he wanted to go use the potty. His eyes immediately went to the M&M jar (on top of the fridge, in plain sight but out of reach). He thought for a moment, then said, “No. Diaper please!” Well, phooey. I was discouraged, to be sure. But it turns out all was not lost.

During the day he asked me about the different “flavors” of M&Ms. He talked again about having lots of them. I guess they were really on his mind, but he knew full well there was only one way to get them. Later in the afternoon, the temptation got to be too much for him, and he announced that he wanted to use the potty. It was another successful attempt – another 10 M&Ms. And again this evening, he made another potty run.

This is three times in less than 24 hours that he’s successfully used the potty. This has never happened before, despite all our previous attempts at training him. He still wants to wear diapers (and for the most part he’s still using them, if you know what I mean); only when he wants candy will he use the potty. But it’s only been one day, and this is a fantastic start and more progress than we’ve seen in 4 1/2 years, so I’ll take it. He’s very slow to adapt to new situations and routines, so anything that gets him comfortable with potty time is good in my book.

And as an added bonus, Carrie has taken an interest as well. I don’t think she’s physiologically ready yet, but she loves imitating Logan, so when she’s ready, it should happen pretty easily.

Who knows, maybe they’ll both be out of diapers before the baby gets here. (I can dream, anyway!)


2 Responses to "Here comes the potty!"

Great stuff! I hope the trend continues!

[…] been doing reasonably well with the m&m incentive, but only occasionally using the potty when he really wants some m&m’s. Unfortunately […]

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