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List-mania, and the forgotten child?

Posted on: February 22, 2008

Ever since I wrote up that list at the doctor’s office, Logan has gone list-crazy. Actually I guess it had more to do with the list David made for me the other day. Logan heard me ask a few times if Dad had my list yet, so he decided HE needed to make a list, too. List number one was Logan’s List for Mom:

1. Do good things
2. Don’t do bad things
3. Love friend
4. Kiss, hug, and pat
5. Pick a food and eat it

Then of course Logan needed to make a list for Dad:

1. Play games
2. Get happy
3. Getting a water
4. Bring it to Logan
5. All done.

I love it. Logan is always asking us to bring him a bottle of water, and if we tell him to get his own water, he insists that we are the “stuff-getters,” not him. He is a “drinker.” So now he’s got the authority of the list to back him up, since it clearly states in writing that Dad should bring him a water.


I’ve been thinking about how I don’t talk about Carrie much here. I don’t know why that is; she does plenty of cute things, just like Logan. For instance, the other day when I told her she was a good girl, she immediately insisted, “I not a girl! I a boy!” And lately that’s been her little game: last night we had the following nice little chat:

Mom: “Hi Carrie!”
Carrie: “I not Carrie, I Charlie!” [from Charlie and Lola]
Mom: “Oh, you’re Charlie?”
Carrie: “I not Charlie, I Lola!”
Mom: “Oh, you’re Lola?”
Carrie: “I not Lola, I Charlie!”
Mom: “Oh, you’re Charlie?”
Carrie: “I not Charlie…”

Ad infinitum, ad nauseum. It was really cute, though.

Oh, and just because I haven’t posted any pictures in a very long time, here’s one:

Da kids

1 Response to "List-mania, and the forgotten child?"

I love these lists! And I love that Logan is a drinker, not a stuff-getter! Hilarious! How old are both Logan and Carrie now? They are both too cute!!!

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