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Band-Aid Man

Posted on: February 16, 2008

Last Saturday Logan was sick again, so we once again spent the morning at the doctor’s office. For as much as we’ve been there lately, I’m thinking of setting up our own little corner with cots and pillows and blankets. Except that I doubt Logan would ever stop crying, since he has always been terrified of the place (and is even more so now, since at 2 of his last 3 visits, he had to get shots).

Anyway, this time it was an ear infection. We wanted to get him on antibiotics right away, but of course Logan won’t take any medicine whatsoever by mouth. He won’t even take the really tasty ones. So right there in the doctor’s office, we tried to get him to drink the medicine. I would have done it for him, really I would have. I had a lot of ear infections as a kid, and that stuff tastes fantastic! But for whatever reason, Logan couldn’t manage it. He tried, bless his heart. He knew the alternative, and he did not want a shot any more than he wanted the doctor to cut off his ear, but he just couldn’t drink the stuff. So, a shot it would be.

While we waited, I thought about how when I’m going to have any sort of procedure done, I like to know exactly what’s going to happen. So I took a sheet of paper and made him a list: 1) Nurse comes in. 2) Sit on table. 3) Pull down pants. 4) Wipe leg. 5) Shot. 6) Band-aid. 7) All done.

He studied that list so carefully. He kept insisting that we skip step 5. He wanted to go straight to the Band-aid. But I do think it helped. As the events unfolded, we crossed off each item. He screamed lustily as they injected him (and to my dismay, there were actually two shots – the nurse said there was too much medicine for just one), but when they asked him what colors his band-aids were, he calmed down almost immediately and showed them off proudly.

It is now nearly a week later, and he won’t take off those band-aids for anything. The blue one is holding on pretty well, but the yellow one is hanging by just a few sticky threads, and he’s quite distressed about it. Several times I’ve heard him whimpering and moaning and have rushed to his side, fearing the return of his ear pain or something worse, only to find him fussing over his legs and pressing that yellow band-aid as if trying to permanently mold it to his skin. I wonder what kind of a meltdown we’ll be faced with when the adhesive finally gives out. Will we have to dig out the duck tape? Will we have to go back to the doctor for more shots?

Hehehe, Logan’s emphatic answer to that last question – “NO!!!”


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