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Back from the Dead

Posted on: January 28, 2008

My poor blog must feel so abandoned. I didn’t mean to forget you, sweet little thing. I’ve just been so busy… gagging and peeing and trying to get some rest. I’m done with my first trimester now, so things can only get better, right?

We are all sick. Last week the kids showed signs of mild colds, then on Friday night Logan woke up around 3 a.m. with a cough that sounded like a barking seal. Even my completely exhausted, half-functioning pregnant mommy brain knew what that meant – croup. Oh joy, oh bliss. He continued to get worse and worse, until he was really gasping for breath. That was truly frightening. I took him to the bathroom and turned on the shower in hopes that the steam would open his airways, but it didn’t help a bit. So I bundled him (and me) up and we went out to the garage and sat in the car. (No, it wasn’t running.) I knew if that didn’t work our next step would be a trip to the ER. Thankfully, the cold air did the trick and his breathing settled down. He managed to nap a little, but I couldn’t sleep at all by that point.

In the morning I took him to the doctor, of course. Since it was a Saturday, the waiting room was full of really sick kids. We waited quite a while, until just one little girl and Logan remained. The little girl was coughing and moaning and occasionally saying “Daddy, Daddy! I’m going to throw up!” Never in my life have I so badly wanted to be somewhere else. But Logan was watching this little girl with interest, and when she told her mommy and daddy that she wanted to go home, he looked at her and said sympathetically, “We BOTH need to go home!”

But first we saw the doctor. He told me to be prepared – croup is usually worse on nights two and three. I couldn’t imagine a night more torturous than what we had just been through, so that alone made me want to cry. Then he said they could give Logan a shot to make him better for a little while. I hated to do it, but I’m glad we did – he felt better all day. And just to show that nobody tells Logan how sick he’s going to be, he was fine the next night, save for a little (regular) coughing and whining in his sleep.

Naturally, Carrie is sick too, though no signs of croup yet. David’s been feeling it for a few days now, and last night I got that telltale tickle in my throat.

Anybody else as sick of winter as I am?


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