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Thank You, Saint Anthony!

Posted on: October 8, 2007

This morning I was in a rush to get to the airport to see my mom off. I was frantically trying to get myself and the kids ready to go. I showered and dressed, but then I couldn’t find my comb anywhere. I searched everywhere in the house that it could possibly be. I even threw away a bunch of junk that was in my car in hopes that I’d find the comb buried underneath. No luck.

David, in the meantime, got the kids dressed and put them in the car while I kept looking. A minute later he walked back in the house holding my comb. It was in my car after all, underneath my choir music bag. I thanked him profusely, quickly combed my wet hair, and ran out the door to head to the airport.

That’s when I discovered my keys were missing. I thought, “I am losing my mind!” David told me to take a deep breath. (It came out as more of an annoyed sigh.) I knew I must have set them down somewhere absentmindedly while I was searching for my comb. I dumped out my purse two more times (I had already emptied it twice looking for the comb). I searched the car, the garage, the laundry room, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, even the spare room which I hadn’t been in since I’d last had the keys. They were absolutely nowhere to be found.

Finally the ever-helpful David suggested I just grab a spare set. “We’ll find them later,” he assured me. So I took the spare key and as I left the house, it suddenly occurred to me to say a quick, silent prayer to Saint Anthony asking for help finding my keys.

As the kids and I headed to the airport, I decided to use this opportunity to teach them about intercessory prayer. I told them, “Mom lost her car keys. Should we say a prayer to Saint Anthony to ask him to help me find them?” We made the sign of the cross (Logan is pretty good at it, but I can see God chuckling with delight at Carrie who looks more like a ninja warrior the way she waves her arms – but she’s trying!) and we said a short, simple prayer, something like, “Dear Saint Anthony, Mommy lost her car keys. Please help us find them if you can. Amen!” After another sign of the cross, Logan said, “Mom, I think you should pray one more time.” So we did the whole thing again, with the same simple prayer.

A minute later, I suddenly thought, “My keys are in the trash.” I knew immediately that when I had cleaned the trash out of my car in search of my comb, I’d had my keys in my hand, and I had dropped them in the trash along with all the garbage.

It was amazing to me that I had no memory of doing it – I certainly didn’t think, “Oh, I remember, I dropped them in the garbage can!” – and yet I knew. When I later explained to David what had happened, he said, “Wow, I never would have thought to look there.” That pretty much summed it up for me. On my own, I never would have checked the garbage.

Thank you, Saint Anthony! Without your help, my keys would be on their way to a life in the local landfill.

And thank you, God, for the gift of intercessory prayer. It is simply amazing the way You allows us to make a difference in the lives of others, even in small ways, whether we are in this life or the next.


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