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Fat Flushing Update

Posted on: September 21, 2007

Good news on the Fat Flushing front. David has now lost 16.5 pounds and 7 inches, and I’ve lost 6 pounds and 1 inch. We’ve also joined the Y and have been working out regularly. David’s blood pressure is down, too, which is fantastic.

We’re enjoying cooking healthy meals. Our kitchen hasn’t seen this much use since, well, ever. I actually have to do dishes every day, sometimes multiple times. This is a new thing, because when you eat out all the time, all you have to do is throw away the garbage.

The cravings are pretty tough, though. David really wants pizza and Twizzlers, and I would love a Wendy’s M&M chocolate twisted frosty or a Starbucks iced cafe mocha. But I think the fact that I’m not eating out and not drinking Starbucks (except on Sundays after church) has contributed greatly to my weight loss. And seeing that number on the scale keep dropping is pretty motivating.

Actually what’s even more motivating for me is that yesterday evening David’s weight dropped to my starting weight from a few weeks ago! He’s gaining on me fast, and that’s enough to make me say no to even a Fudgy Wudgy bar.


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