Light of my Life

The Apologize Game

Posted on: September 19, 2007

Yesterday Logan was in a foul mood. In the evening, something small set him off and caused him to let out an ear-piercing scream. Later, I told him he would need to apologize to Daddy for screaming like that. Of course he did not want to apologize. He kept saying he’d apologize “later” (which to him means simply “I don’t want to”) and that apologizing was bad.

I took him into the living room and sat on the couch with him, next to David. I kept telling him that he needed to say, “I’m sorry for screaming, Daddy,” but he kept insisting that he didn’t want to do it.

Finally he said, “Can I get my Doodle Pro and play the Apologize Game so I can apologize on the Doodle Pro?” I had no idea what the “Apologize Game” was, but I was curious, so I told him he could. He ran off to the playroom to find his Doodle Pro and came back with it a minute later.

First he wrote “Apologize Game”, and below it, “Play”. We pretended to use our “mouse” (our pointer fingers) to click on the word “Play”, punctuated with a loud “CLIIIIIIIICK!” Then he wrote “I’m sorry from scream–” before running out of room. “I have to try again!” he said rather gleefully, clearing the screen. This time he fit the whole sentence: “I’m sorry from screaming.” We decided that was close enough – he IS only three, after all – so David thanked him for apologizing, then Logan cleared the screen again and wrote, “You win! Play again”. He put his finger over “play again” and said “CLIIIIIIIIIICK!” Now it was my turn.

I wrote, “I’m sorry for yelling”, then asked Logan if I’d won. “Yes!” he said happily, cleared the screen again, and wrote, “You win all!”

Will we ever understand the way his quirky mind words? I doubt it. But these are the sort of memories I will always treasure.


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