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Posted on: September 11, 2007

Do you know that Alan Jackson song, “Where were you when the world stopped turning”? We all have our stories of what we were doing six years ago today when we heard the news. My story is not particularly interesting, but I’ll share it anyway, for my own benefit, because it’s therapeutic to talk about it.

I was working at Strong Funds at the time. I had gotten to work at the crack of dawn and was sitting at my desk, working away, when one of my coworkers came in and told me there was a fire at the World Trade Center. I think my exact response was, “Huh.” I went back to work. But she sat down at her desk next to mine and turned on the radio.

Then we listened in growing shock and horror as the reality of what was happening began to set in.

In another part of the building, there were televisions, and many people flocked to them to watch the horror unfold. But in my department we were urged to stay in the area, so we huddled around a few radios. I didn’t see the towers fall, but I remember hearing that it was happening. Later, I would see the footage as it was replayed over and over on television.

I felt powerless, and I wanted desperately to know who – who would do such a thing? I wanted information. I tried to search the web for whatever it could tell me, but the information superhighway was in the midst of its biggest ever traffic jam. I couldn’t get to a single major news website.

At lunchtime, I had to go to my apartment to meet the cable guy. The drive home was eerie. Everybody drove slowly, cautiously, carefully. Nobody cut anybody off, made rude gestures, or blasted loud music. We drove wide-eyed, listening to our radios, knowing that something was happening that would change us forever. We felt a strange camaraderie with each other, the beginnings of that fierce American Pride that would shine forth for several months to come.

That night, David was 70 miles away in Madison, so I sat at home alone, glued to the television. For hours I soaked up as much coverage as I could, until finally, it was too much. I turned off the news and went to bed.

So, where were you?


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