Light of my Life

Day Four

Posted on: September 6, 2007

Today is day four. I lost another pound yesterday, for a total of 5.5 pounds lost. Haven’t heard from David yet today so I don’t know how he did.

Yesterday I broke three rules by eating mac and cheese, a food which is processed and contains dairy and white flour. But ohhhh, was it ever delicious. I made it for the kids’ lunch, and for some reason they weren’t as hungry as usual. I knew David would not eat the leftovers, and I couldn’t let them go to waste. Plus I needed more to eat if I was going to have the strength for Logan’s swimming class. And it wasn’t that much anyway. (See there, how I justified that?)

And it’s not like I ate a fudgy wudgy bar. Though if you think about it, the fudgy wudgy bar probably would have been healthier since it’s egg-free, dairy-free, and has no hydrogenated oils or refined flour or sugar. You might think with a description like that, it must taste awful, but let me tell you, I’d pick a fudgy wudgy bar over just about anything. And yet, for two and a half days now I’ve resisted the temptation to eat one. How strong am I!


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