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Posted on: September 5, 2007

There is some serious crankiness going on. All from me. David seems to be unaffected, or maybe it’s just that his joy outweighs any crankiness he feels from not being allowed to eat sugar. He’s now lost 7.5 pounds so he really has something to celebrate. Not that I don’t – I’ve lost 4.5 pounds. Shoot, that’s almost halfway to my goal! And I can’t believe how good my stomach (not to mention the rest of my body) has been feeling these last few days. (You mean it’s not normal for one’s stomach to feel constantly bloated, gassy, and otherwise uncomfortable?) And I’m not going hungry, really! I’m eating as much as I want, just no flour, sugar, or dairy, plus I’m drinking a ton.

Still, I spend my days with a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old, and for two days I haven’t had as much patience as I usually do. Which is not that much anyway. So I hope that will pass.

Of course, the Nana’s Fudgy Wudgy cookie bars that stare me in the face every time I open the cupboard are not helping anything. They were a gift to the kids from their grandpa. But more than anything, they’re a test to my willpower. And unfortunately my track record is not good. But last night I fed Carrie half a bar, and despite becoming nearly intoxicated by the smell, I didn’t eat a crumb. Except for that minuscule chocolate chip smudge on my finger. But come on, people, have some perspective.


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