Light of my Life

Rain and babies

Posted on: June 22, 2007

As I was driving down the ramp of a parking structure a few days ago, I beheld a common yet majestic sight: a rainstorm. I don’t know if it was because I was up on the third level of the structure, but the rain looked different than it does from the ground. Being so high up, I felt like I had climbed a tree in a rainforest. My first thought, which I uttered aloud, was “Praise God, how beautiful is His creation!”

I was reminded of a meteorology course I took in college titled “Weather and climate.” It was one of my all-time favorite courses, in part because the instructor was so passionate about weather. One of the topics we studied was rain; one particular day I was in the instructor’s office getting a little extra help with an assignment. As he described the conditions that had to take place in order for rain to fall, I grew more and more amazed. Everything had to be so perfect; so many factors had to interact so precisely. I finally exclaimed, “It’s a wonder that rain ever actually falls!”

I remember feeling the exact same wonder when I learned “where babies come from.” It sounds nearly impossible; when you’re studying the process you are tempted to assume that pregnancy is an anomaly.

And yet, rain falls and babies are created every day. That is the beauty, majesty, and mystery of God’s awesome creation. It is enough to take your breath away.


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