Light of my Life

I’m convinced… plus some misc thoughts

Posted on: May 17, 2007

I’m convinced that something strange happens here each morning. It never fails. I check the clock – 9:30. Good. Still have a few good morning hours left. I check it again – 9:45. Still doing well, plenty of time to accomplish lots of things. 9:59 – all righty roo, I have all the time in the world. Then I blink and it’s 11:00. How on earth did I lose an entire hour? I really think all my clocks go straight from 9:59 to 11. Like my own personal Daylight Savings time change, every single day! It’s straight out of the Twilight Zone. It’s maddening.

Now, a few miscellaneous thoughts. First, in breaking headline news, my website is back online! Whoopee!

And now I must comment that I’m thrilled to see Blake Lewis in the finals for American Idol. Oh, why do I waste my time with this rubbish? I don’t know, it’s my guilty pleasure, I guess. At least I don’t waste my time voting. Well, except for this one time. I mean, I really wanted Blake to make it to the finals, okay? So I voted. Just once, though, I mean come on, I have a life! Well, maybe more than once, maybe two more three times, just for good measure. You know, there are millions of votes; I couldn’t expect just one to make a difference. Okay, so I voted constantly for 40 minutes. What are you trying to say? You think you’re better than me? Are you trying to suggest I don’t have a life? Because I do. I have a busy, full life. I do things. I spend time with loved ones. I… occasionally waste 40 minutes making phone calls to American Idol. So I voted, so what? It’s not like I have silly pet names for the contestants or anything dumb like that. P.S. Good luck in the finals, Blakey Poo.


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