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Please come visit me in my new location. Same blog, new address. Hope to see you there! 🙂


First off, hello blog, sorry for virtually forgetting about your existence for all these months! Yes, we are alive and well (other than all the yucky germs that have been going around the past month or so); I guess I have just been too busy to post!

So, let’s start off the new year with a picture to make your mouth water.

I have had a taste for doughnuts lately, and I have this new rule that if I want sweets, I have to make them myself instead of buying them. I’ve never made doughnuts before and was a bit intimidated by the frying part, so a few days ago I attempted a baked doughnut recipe. They were very good, but really not like doughnuts at all, more like doughnut-shaped sweet bread rolls. So tonight I decided to give the fried doughnuts a try. It was surprisingly easy, and I can’t describe how delicious they were. Good thing I only made 1/4 of a recipe – it would not be good to have a couple dozen of these babies lying around the house! Can you tell from the picture how cute the doughnut holes were?

Of course, I made them right after dinner, so this is what I am left with:

Worth it? I’d say yes. The doughnuts are gone already, so I think the family would agree. 😉

Carrie: Mom, it’s not raining!

Me: No sweetie, not today.

Carrie: Why isn’t it raining?

Me: Well, I guess we don’t have the right atmospheric conditions.

Carrie: Yeah! And plus, the clouds don’t have any water!

Okay, seriously, wasn’t I JUST blogging about Logan’s fifth birthday??? Wasn’t this like a week ago? A couple months, tops?

And yet, here we are again, somehow a whole YEAR later.

The best part of Logan’s birthday this year was that David had the day off, so we spent the whole day together as a family. We started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme, just in time for the debut of their Halloween donuts!




We even got them for free, thanks to the kindness of the lady behind the counter. It probably helped that David is their mailman. 🙂


It’s so much fun to watch the freshly fried donuts slide down the line and get showered with sugary glaze!

Our next stop was tumbling class. Logan and Carrie really enjoy being in class together. Their class of four kids consists of the two of them, their cousin, and one other kid. It’s a real family affair!




Even Kayla tried to get in on the action.


Next stop – lunch! Logan chose Burger King, which David and I were not thrilled about. So after we picked up BK for the kids, we headed to Moe’s for some burritos. There were several police officers in the parking lot, and David tried to convince Logan to come say hello to them. He was too shy, but Carrie wasn’t. They were very kind and even let Carrie sit on one of their bikes with the lights flashing!


The police officers laughed at me a little bit for having my camera at the ready. But it was Logan’s birthday, so of course I had my camera!

After lunch, we decided to take advantage of our Explorium membership. Did the kids want to go? Let’s just say we didn’t have to twist any arms…






The kids’ favorite room at the Explorium is the Bubble Room. They would happily spend all day there.







Eventually, though, it was time to go. When we got home, Aunt Janine was there with a present for Logan.



PUFFLES! Exactly what he wanted.

After dinner, it was time to head out to Logan’s t-ball game!




Running home. And then home we went, for more presents and the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake he’s been talking and dreaming about for months and months.




Happy Birthday to our wonderful big kid! We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the coming year holds for you. All our love, Mom and Dad.

Logan is way too young to lose a tooth. Doesn’t that only happen to big kids? He’s only FIVE! Okay, so his birthday is next week. Still.

Isn’t this the funniest picture? We had a little too much fun with the camera… 😉


If you’re interested in Montessori activities for your preschool child but don’t have a big budget for such things, consider this book. (And while you’re at it, buy a bunch of her other products and tell me how you like them!)

I bought the Montessori on a Shoestring book about a week ago, and so far it’s been a big hit. I bought the book mainly for Carrie, thinking it would give her some fun activities to work on while I do school with Logan (she’s always begging me to “do school” too), but Logan enjoys the activities just as much as she does. And on the 5 or so activities we’ve tried so far, I’ve spent a total of $0.67.

So far, Carrie’s hands-down favorite is the “real tea party” where she gets to set the table for tea, then practice pouring “real” tea (water with food coloring) and “cream” (a bit of milk). She also spoons sugar into our cups and stirs. She loves to have tea parties anyway, so when I told her she’d get to pour real tea, well, let’s just say the girl was in heaven. And already she’s gotten quite adept at pouring. This week I’ve planned to try several new activities, but she’s been begging for the tea party again, so I have a feeling we’ll be doing that one… a LOT.


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